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Cupping Therapy

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Cupping therapy is an ancient practice still used today to naturally improve one's health and well-being. This powerful modality works by stimulating the body's natural energy flow, improving blood circulation, and increasing oxygen levels in the tissues, which can help reduce pain and inflammation. Cupping also helps to relax tight muscles, loosen connective tissue, reduce stress, and increase relaxation.

Dr. Acu Herbs has decades of experience in this ancient art of healing. Our certified professionals use traditional Chinese medicine techniques with modern-day adaptations to deliver the best cupping therapy services.

Cupping Therapy
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Convenient Cupping Therapy Options For Your Need

We offer both wet and dry cupping therapy in Dublin based on your individual needs and comfort level.

Wet cupping therapy

It uses heated cups placed on the skin to create suction or vacuum-like pressure, which helps draw out metabolic waste or toxins from beneath the surface of your skin. This cupping therapy process helps relieve stagnation in your body while promoting a healthier immune system and improved circulation. Wet cupping treatments often include an herbal blend explicitly tailored for each patient to enhance their therapeutic benefits further.

Dry cupping therapy

It is another form of treatment offered by Dr. Acu Herbs. This process involves slightly heated glass cups placed on specific points of your body to create suction pressure that helps stimulate blood flow throughout the area and reduce pain and muscle aches. It also helps relax tight knots in muscles and break up adhesions between muscle fibers, allowing them to move more freely again and become more flexible over time. 

How Does Cupping Work?

Cupping therapy in Dublin involves placing special cups on the skin that create suction via heat or a vacuum pump. This suction pulls the skin away from the underlying tissue, creating space so fresh blood can flow into areas of stagnation.

The increased circulation helps relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps to flush out toxins and other waste products from the body. The cups can be left in place for up to 20 minutes, depending on each individual's needs.

Are You Looking Forward To Cupping Therapy?

Book Your Cupping Therapy Session With Us

At Dr. Acu Herbs, we strive to provide our patients with customized cupping therapy according to their individual needs and preferences. We aim to help them achieve their desired results quickly and effectively without side effects or long-term health risks. 

We will work closely with you throughout your treatment plan so you can get the most out of each session. Our goal is to help our patients through our services and empower them for lasting results through education about self-care practices. Therefore, you can trust the name Dr. Acu Herbs when it comes to cupping therapy in Dublin. You can expect 100% better results from your cupping therapy sessions!

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